Solano County Firemen's Association

David McCready Awards


Nominations are open to all members in good standing. Nominations are to be presented at the November Association meeting; they made be made by a Chapter or an individual. The award is given to an individual based on his or her contribution to the Association and the fire service.

David McCready and the year they were honored are:

Year NameDepartment
1990G. Warren HughesVacaville Fire Department
1991Gilmer G. RichardsonSolano County Fire Warden
1992Jimmie McCantsVacaville Fire Department
1993Ron RiceBenicia Fire Department
1994Gary EberleFairfield Fire Department
1995Harry ChadbourneGordon Valley Fire Department
1997Cecil TomlinIselton Fire Department
2000Bill FairfieldDixon Fire Department
2001Stan SimiMontezuma Fire Department
2003Steve LarenCordelia Fire Protection District
2004 Laura Wood Vacaville Fire Protection District
2006 Terry Blanc Suisun Fire Protection District
2007 John Wink Suisun Fire Protection District
2008  Frank Cereda Suisun Fire Protection District
2010 Hank Seguin Suisun City Fire Department
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